Multirefence limit

Hi, I am going to try to explain this the best I can :slight_smile:

I have a collection list named newsletter. There are included 5 multireference( Max I can). But I needed more.

So I had the idea that in the template of the newsletter, I would add the 6 multireference. But of course, because it is not dynamic, it is always showing the same in every “newsletter”.

Any way I can bypass that? Like in every newsletter would show a different item from the 6th multireference?

Thank you

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Multireference fields and nested collection lists are both very strict.
Basically anything you want to do beyond that, you need to take a different direction.

Check out Finsweet’s CMS Nest.

Hi, thank you. Yes, I was seeing it and even though I use the filter with success with them, I am still not capturing. You mean this part?