Multiple Nested Collection Lists

You cannot have more than 1 nested Collection List on a single page.

I’m new to Webflow and trying to get the hang of things. I’m getting the error above. Does anyone know why this limitation exists and if there is a workaround?

I am making a blog page and need to reference article categories in two different sections. How would you go about this if you can’t have multiple nested collection lists?


I have a similar problem and came across this video during my research:
Nest with 2 Collections - How To - CMS Library for Webflow

Hope it helps you as well. Kind regards :slight_smile:

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I strongly anticipate multiple nested collection per page becoming a feature at Webflow soon!


@WebflowCommunityTeam Hope this is on your radar. Only having one nested collection list per page is quite limiting esp if you are trying to use this to do CMS-powered menus, a feature long overdue in webflow.


How is this not a thing? Seems pretty basic to be delayed so much


Second time I’m back to this issue in less than 15 days…

This is terrible, and makes very little sense from a development perspective…

If you guys are trying to continue to enforce a limit to the amount of collection items/collections in one page, go ahead and keep doing that.

But come on, don’t limit the nested collections per page because of that. For my case, the amount of collection items in the page would be around 20. FAR from reaching the limits you guys have (which can go all the way up to 2000 items in the same page if you use 20 Col. Lists with 100 items)

It’s about time for some updates on this…


I strongly anticipate multiple nested collection per page becoming a feature at Webflow soon!

well shit.


This is killing me…


Same problem… I checked the wishlist and this seems the closest:
Surprised it doesn’t have more votes.

Any other way to do repeated fields? I have speakers that I need to show what events they are at and also show the projects they are a part of. This would be two pretty simple lists.

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I end up having to do multiple individual reference fields for as many items as I will need instead of one multi-reference field. It’s ridiculous.

Running into this every other project.
Bump & vote this — Unlimited nesting of collection lists | Webflow Wishlist

Here is a solution if you are struggling with Webflow‘s limitations of max 1 nested collection with max 5 items per page:

Feedback and ideas welcome :wink: @davideggimann @theB @jkbythebay @Ibrahim_Islam @JoeMillion @el_linc @Cameron_The_Evil_Gen @jamesvclements

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This tutorial is way too complicated… :exploding_head:

Use multi-reference field to separate different collections

Check out this tutorial from the web flow official tutorial

I was told the limit was to preserve performance… on AWS.

Absolutely anticipating more than 1 nested multi-reference nested collection per page.

Finsweet has a solution for this.

If you’ve never used finsweet attributes before, don’t be scared of them. Learn how to use them and they will save you from the next bs limitation you encounter in Webflow

Is there any updates on this topic ?

Check out Finsweet’s nesting solution above.
If that does not meet your needs, it’s not difficult to code your own layout rules without limitation.