You are not currently logged in *NEED FIX

Im having difficulties to open my site on the Designer View. I keep getting the same message again and again that "you are not currently logged in This is becoming a very painful experience.

I transferred a website to another one of my account and from there i wanted to resume designing and complete but once the transfer was complete. It started to show me this error.

I would like someone to provide a fix please.

Webflow Support Please HELP


Same issue here. In fact the identical scenario.
Weird as I’ve transferred a site a few times in the past and never experienced this.
Fun fact, I am actually logged in :rofl: but ‘not currently logged in’

I can get EDITOR ACCESS but not full designer. An even more funner fact is that this is a new account, as such no one else could log in to bump me out…

I’ve only encountered this issue when switching often between multiple devices while editing. Are you by any chance working using multiple devices? If so, make sure you’re closing out of Webflow before switching. That solved it for me, so if this applies to you as well, hopefully you find it useful.

Thanks, but no this is not the issue.
I have undertaken all the usual troubleshooting

hello. I think its something to do with transffering template licence. Im having same issue right now. I´ve reached WF support , i think they need to move the licence manually.

Having the same issue and submitted another Forum thread.
I did purchase a template for a client recently… might explain the issue but @webflow should definitely look into this.

This issue was fixed once I raised a support ticket. Although my guess is that whenever you transfer a site to another workspace or account, webflow takes a few hours to set it on the new workspace or account.

Although webflow support helps you get the transfer done pretty quickly.

So I’m new to Webflow and so far I’m learning a lot but having fun doing so. I am having this same problem. I have sent a support ticket to Webflow and have not heard anything back yet. I was with Wix / EditorX for over 10years and left them because of their “Support” takes forever to get back with you but to only sending you in circles. I have noticed that this thread went up 9days ago and I’m not seeing a solution posted yet. I have a free account right now and bought a template and currently working on to get the feel of “Webflow” My excitement is starting to dwindle down for Webflow…SMH

I need an answer on this issue please, I have made sure I have completely logged out of Google on both machines, I have cleaned all cookies and cache I have attempted to log in on Cognito Mode, I have shut both machines down for over 8 hours and still getting this message.

This issue mostly comes whenever you transfer your projects from one workspace to another. This is in my experience.

I believe there’s some manual work needed to transfer the projects 100% correctly. And that was the main issue I was facing when I got this issue. Here’s the fix "You need to create a support ticket and tell webflow your identity, website name, workspace name and the transfer identity, and workspsace name.

This will get this issue fixed.

I’ve been having this issue a lot without multiple devices. At least not at the same time. Working, editing a CMS post, and then I randomly get the notification and the page refreshes.
@Rick_Donathan That’s exactly why I didn’t go for the yearly subscription. Just trying it out paid the first month and if it’s not good enough I’m out. So far it’s got potential but the whole webflow implementation really lacks in features and seems buggy.

Same problem here! It keeps displaying this modal and then reloads the app! So annoying and time wasting!

I get the “logged in” message almost every 30 minutes on Safari. I hope it will be fixed soon.