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I purchased template few days ago, (Sign Up with Google account) and still can’t open that template in editor. Every time I see popover “You are not currently logged in” when I try to Open Designer with this template. Just for test I create New Project and it opened successful. Is that a bag? I’m also tried search in similar topic, but still can’t find the right solutions for me.
Clean caches, private window, but it did’t work either.
Please help me with this issues, what should I do to start working with template I purchased?


Same issue. Have you gotten a fix yet?

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Same story here - i have send project to my client and he cant get in to designer.

Any Idea?
I have:

  1. Change password
  2. Log out all the places.
  3. Added another user
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I’m having the same issue…

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same issue as well… client is. getting angry

Same… Anyone able to find a solution?

Solution is simple. You need your client to open a support ticket with Webflow for this and get this manually sorted by the support team.

Explain them the process of transferring the project on another workspace. They’ll ask some things about the workspace name, project name and other stuff. It’ll be fixed after that!