Can't Login to Dashboard - Homepage Reloading Over & Over


I keep trying to login to my dashboard but for some reason my account keeps sending me back to the Webflow homepage and asking me to sign in again and again and again through Google on the right hand side of the page with a little “Login” pop-up. I tried changing my password, logging in and out of my Google account, clearing the cache on Safari and Chrome…Nothing is working@ My client’s site is down and I need to update billing method. Does this have anything to do with why I can’t access my dashboard? I was able to sign in to my clients account which is where I need to transfer the website that is currently down. Please contact me to help me update my billing method and reinstate the correct sites!!

Plan: CMS Monthly Plan

Hey @Natalie_Rezex, sorry to hear about the issues you’re running into :slightly_frowning_face:

If you haven’t already done so, it’s good to reach out to Webflow Support. They are probably not going to reply with the urgency you’re hoping for, but folks here in the forum are mostly customers (like yourself) so unfortunately we can’t do much to help with account/dashboard-related issues.

That said, have you tried an Incognito window (with all extensions disabled) to see if that resolves the issue? When did you notice the issue starting? Did you change anything within your browser environment?

^ This

The login issue in the Webflow dashboard is typically caused by cookies. You can clear your cache or try incognito.

I tried reaching out to support but no one has contacted me. I tried just tried an incognito window and nothing. I disabled everything and also tried to log in on different devices but I still get sent back to the home page and all sites are down. I noticed the issue today when my client text me and asked me what was going on. I haven’t changed anything with my browser. I use Chrome for Webflow and Safari for everything else. Both lead me back to the same homepage ( and the sign in from Google pop-up shows up every time the page reloads after I connect through Google successfully. Tried the “” version of the sites and those are down as well.

Super worried. Does Webflow usually take a long time to get back to customers?

Just tried again. It keeps sending me back to the homepage…kind of losing my mind trying to figure this out

Hi Natalie, wow that’s concerning.

Yes support is quite slow lately, 3 to 5 days.
Webflow’s in the middle of a major migration to localization and there are a ton a critical bugs happening as a result.

I’ve not seen anything like your situation however.

Is it primarily a static site like a blog or is it dynamic e.g. ecommerce, user accounts, etc?
This is a pretty catastrophic event for your client, so I’m wondering what backups or remnants there might be of their site that could be quickly brought online while this is sorted out.

Feel free to DM me ( click my name ) with details if you need.

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Im having the same issue on my Mac. Was this resolved?

This is a pain in the ****, Webflow and it happens often nowadays.

So it seems to happen when logged into my dashboard using Chrome.

To anyone out there with the same issue, I found that when I:

  1. Logged into my account using a different browser – Arc in this case – I could view my dashboard there
  2. Then I logged out of the account from Arc
  3. Refreshed the offending page in Chrome (now logged out)
  4. Logged back in Chrome

…and the dashboard then functioned properly.

I had the same issue on Mac but after restarting my Mac, I was able to login. Try to start your Mac to see what happens.

After almost 10 years as a webflow user I have my first disappointment. And I didn’t expect it to be so big.

Last Friday, two websites belonging to an agency client went offline. I tried to log in to the platform and the error was the same as reported by the author, I always returned to the home page.

After almost three days without receiving a response from support, I just received a message (below) that was completely insane and completely disrespectful to the user.

Due to a report of platform misuse on the site, all of the sites have been unpublished in the associated workspace, member access has been removed, and the owner account has been canceled and locked. This is against our Terms of Service.

These are two projects that have been active for almost 4 years and are just institutional websites for one of the agency’s clients. And without any explanation they did it. There’s nothing offensive and like I said, it’s just two pages from a technology company. Now imagine how much content in 4 years that we simply don’t have access to? Trapped on a platform I’ve always trusted?

We always reject projects on Wordpress and our number 1 recommendation was to develop projects on webflow. As of tomorrow, I’m starting to migrate my almost 40 clients to another CMS.