Unable to login

I am trying to log into my Designer since last night and keep getting this message. See screen shot.

Please help, I login to my dashboard but when I hit designer I can’t get through.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @ByThePeople

Could you perhaps provide a screenshot of this issue and the message that you get when trying to log in?

This usually show up when someone else is logging in when you are already logged in, and therefore you get logged out automatically.

But if you receive this message directly every time when logging in then it seems to me to be a bug. I would recommend that you open a ticket with the Webflow support team and in the meantime maybe someone else in the forum has a answer for this.

Yes, thank you I did! Its so weird and I am the only one with access.

That is very strange, hopefully either the support ore someone else in this forum has an answer for you.

Did you try a different browser or private window in case the cookies :cookie: are the issue?

I tried Incognito and it did not work either. It must be a bug and its stressing me out.

Same here, can’t login…

Webflow often throws up this error if you’re already logged in somewhere else (on another computer, in another tab or browser etc). Not sure if that’s the issue here though.

Hey eveyone — sorry about that — the issue has been investigated and should be resolved! Please let us know if you have any further trouble and we’ll jump right into it.

Incident status: Webflow Status - Log-in and sign-ups interrupted

It is still not working ;(


Hi, @ByThePeople!!

After the fix that McGuire mentioned, have you tried in Incognito again? Also, if you clear your cookies and cache or do a hard refresh, are you able to login? I’ll be standing by here to help you get this solved.

Also, to follow up here. If you have tried those things since that fix, please send me a DM! I want to make sure you have the access to your account.

Sadly still not working

Why is this not fixed its been two days?

Hi, @ByThePeople - can you shoot me a DM here in the forum so I can help further?

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I have the same problem when I’m trying open template editor, I see popover “You are not currently logged in” how can I resolve this?

so, still no any suggestion how to resolve this bug? :thinking: