First Webflow to Webhook CMS Project!

Just finish updating my companies website with the CMS from

I’m not a developer but after working on it for about 3 weeks with my busy schedule as a Technical Director. I was able to have a very awesome CMS for the site. I spent a lot of time researching and trying some different solutions. But Webhook made the most since. I can easily update our change the design with out effecting any content.

The only section that is not using the CMS is our message archive. We have a different system for that so we can deliver content to a mobile app. Since Webhook has a JSON API we could post to that system later. It just would cost us more money to use that feature on the other system.

This is what had to be managed:

  • Blog ( with XML feed! )
  • Events
  • Community Groups
  • Sign Up Forms for events and community groups
  • Home Page
  • Location Pages

Nice job on the site. Are you self-hosting Webhook, or paying for their hosting? Also, did you create the blog with Webhook or integrate an existing blog into Webhook?

Thanks @jordanshotwell
We are hosting with Webhook. I don’t know enough right now to self-host. We where already hosing the site with webflow. So it was only $5 more to move over to Webhook and get a CMS.

It was a new blog so we just configured it with Webhook.

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This is great. Never heard of Webhook before today, will be adding it to my list of tools :wink:

Just curious what you will do when webflow finally gets us a CMS integrated here.

Not everyone wants to host with Webflow or use just one CMS. Client needs can vary from project to project and can include outside hosting, custom CMS frameworks, e-commerce needs, API integrations that requires server and database access, and access to a number of tools that a lot of us use everyday that would be impossible if we relied on Webflow hosting.

Webhook is a great project and has been developing nicely for some time now, good to see it gaining some traction.

Another great option is Grav, a flat-file CMS that uses Markdown and Twig templating.

Note sure @GodlessGlen, I was waiting around for a while to see if Webflow would release some CMS features but you can only wait so long. Even when webflow does release an update there is now way of knowing what features will be available. What I have found is that each website may have different needs and goals so this might change what CMS you decide to use for a project.
But when they do release something it will be great for whatever type of CMS they target.

Yeah I’ve looked at Grav. It’s nice but I’m waiting until it has an admin panel before I test it out.

Uh, the beauty of Grav is that its intended to be used without an admin panel.

Yes there is a plugin that is in development for an admin panel, but it won’t ever be as powerful as using the command line.

The thing is, neither me nor my clients are “command line” kind of people.

How do you incorporate webhooks cms into Webflow and have them work together?

The two systems don’t actually work together.
I exported my Webflow design and used those files to build the needed templates for webhook.
Its not supper hard but you will need to do some basic stuff using a Text Editor to get your CSS, Java Script, images and CMS data linked up correctly.

Here is a link to a video tutorial that will show you how to use any static site with Webhook.

@ryanmadhorse Awesome thank you sir. Whats the advantages of this VS. Surreal CMS?

I haven’t missed with Surreal enough to know all the differences. But a couple of the big differences are.

Surreal: Connects the CMS to wherever your website is hosted so longs as you have FTP access
Webhook: The website and CMS are hosted with Webhook. ( Webhook is open source so you can host it yourself but I didn’t do this since I’m not knowledge enough to handle the setup and maintenance. But if you think you would use the system a lot with clients then it would be worth it to learn.)

Surreal: Has inline wysiwyg style editing for each pages content.
Webhook: Has form based content types for pages or repeatable items on a page.
(This is the main reason I went with webhook the content is totally separate in firebase. So you can have a blog and on your home page display the most recent entry from the blog. This makes it easy for the client to only have to update information in one place.)

Surreal: I’m pretty sure it’s PHP based.
Webhook: Is using all JavaScript (So if you need to use a certain type of syntax for a project then it may not be the best option.)

I found that video tutorial a bit lacking, in that, he starts out by saying he’s already got his static site loaded in place… but then he doesn’t say if there is anything in particular he had to do to make sure it works with webhookCMS.

Is there any way you could briefly outline the steps you took to get yours into webhook, and anything to watch out for (anything that is tricky), and any other bits of sage advice you might have for those of us trying to do the same thing… ???

If you don’t have time, that’s okay, I will stumble along on my own, but it would be great if there was an outline to help.


Here is a basic overview on how I took my webflow design and used it with webhook.
I didn’t go into super detail but It should give you a basic understanding on how it works.


Wow this is so great! Thanks so much for this. I hadn’t even thought about duplicating the webflow site and splitting that into different pieces which totally does make it easier to incorporate into webhooks. This video is REALLY going to help a LOT!

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Thanks for putting that video together, it was an interesting intro to Webhook.

I’m definitely going to try it on a project soon. I can still see the value for Surreal - if the client only wants to make small occasional edits it’s not worth paying for something as involved as Webhook CMS or Webflow CMS.

Webhook is great but the new webflow CMS can almost replace everything you can do with the webhook cms with out having to code. I now only use the webhook CMS platform if the client needed a bunch of user accounts for the CMS. webflow can do this but they charge $5 a user which is a little crazy. I feel like we should at least get 5-10 user accounts for the for the website CMS for no extra cost. On this site I have over 20 users account that can access the CMS and it didn’t cost extra. to do that for a Weblfow CMS site would cost over $100.


I agree, I am in the same boat when it comes to user accounts… I have to use another solution purely because of cost.