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Yandex Metrica custom code not working properly in Webflow

First off:

Read-only link:
Not relevant, the site needs to be published to produce the issue

Published link:

Yandex Metrica (web analytics) code added to project in any way not sending data to analytics platform.

How to check

  1. Go to this link of published project:
    Конструктор Марафонов

  2. Open Console and observe this parameter:
    PageView. Counter 75834907. URL: Referrer:
    There is supposed to be sent data after Referrer:

Attempted so far:

  1. Add code to body - same outcome
  2. Add code to specific page - same outcome
  3. Open console in Firefox instead - same outcome and Firefox eagerly blocked all analytics

Steps to reproduce (like we’re pretending you’re going to actually do that :slight_smile: )

  1. Get code snippet from Yandex Metrica (BTW, check them out, it is much easier and powerful than Google Analytics)

  2. Insert code into Webflow project

  3. Go to your project URL + ?_ym_debug=1

  4. Observe Console

Plz, halp!

False alarm, the analytics works, just with a delay.

Guess it is a normal behaviour for their console statement to not show anything after Referrer:, contrary to their knowledge base article. Let this issue be present here for other people with this issue.

You can mark the issue as resolved, sorry for the false alarm.