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Problem with Yandex Metrika

Hello. I need to paste the statistics code called Yandex.Metrika on form submit. But i can’t save the ID of my statistics code. It saves, but replaced with ХХХХХ. Without ID i can’t use statistics.

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Is anybody here? ) Is there solution with my issue?

Hi @111, thanks for your post, sorry for the very late reply. Could you share the site read-only link:, and also please paste the full code you are trying to use in the custom attributes? There is probably some character within the code that is not allowed in the custom attributes.

You may have to approach this by using javascript in the footer of your site, and calling a function when the submit is clicked. Do you have instructions from Yandex.Metrika? That goes a long way to knowing how to help :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Here is the link, and the code: onsubmit=“yaCounter26809386.reachGoal(‘Order’); return true;”. Code is set on form tag, which is hidden. It becomes vissible when click on yellow button “Сделать заказ” at the right top corner of the page.

Hello. Did you check it? Can you tell me when problem will be solved?

Hi @111, sorry for the delayed response. I was looking at the site, and there is a couple of javascript errors that need to be looked at, when there is a javascript error, it halts other scripts on the same page:

Did you ever find the instructions from Yandex Metrika how that should be integrated to your page, so that I may take a look at those?


Hello. Here complite instructions

Hi thanks @111, I am checking this out, that information really helps :slight_smile: I get back to you on this asap. Cheers,