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Webflow Site blocked in iframe - Yandex metrika problems

I’d like to use periodically metric of Yandex. It have such services as webvisor, map of clicks and others. First time there was no problem to use Yandex analytics and all these functions worked fine. But not long ago, I don’t know why they stopped working, because of blocking view in iframe.
What could I change to solve this. I suppose it have been made in webflow.js.


Hey Stepan2017,

Sadly I can’t help you with your code problem. But from my own experience, I would advise you to move away from Yandex anyways. As far as I know, Yandex is located in Russia and they aren’t very considered with peoples and your own data. I remember creating an account with Yandex and instantly receiving a ton more spam. Even worse, if you are using the website recordings feature they can get the email address of a customer filling out the form on your sites. So you are putting their information at risk too.

I have been using Hotjar for a while now. And the data you can collect from your websites is even better than with Yandex. They are located in Europe and are always trying to stay up-to-date with current legal privacy requirements.

Perhaps your problem gets solved automatically by moving to a Hotjar integration.

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