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Www.www redirection error

Hello. Wondering if can please help me. I’m in need of urgent help.


I accidentally added an A record with www instead of @. Now the site is attempting to redirect to So I deleted that record and corrected it accordingly. Problem is, it’s stuck like it.

So I did a rollback and tried again. No success. Not sure what to do. Can you please assist?

For the record, I need to be the default (which I have set in Webflow). Can you please help? It’s showing as “Connected” in Webflow.

You should have 2 A records
One CNAME for www
All according to Webflow instructions.
Sett your www domain to default in Webflow
Republish Webflow after you have set your default

DNS update can take 24-48 hours.
If you made a mistakes in your Dns I suggest that you delete the record and add a NEW record

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Thank you Janne for the prompt response. I can’t add the CNAME record as explicitly directed by Webflow. My domain register keeps adding a ‘.’ at the end. So I decided not to add the CNAME to avoid any issues.

If I make the non-www address the default address, is a CNAME required?

You musthave the cname. You can ignore the . after the record. It’s automatic added and ok

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So ignore the ‘.’ and add the CNAME anyway. Great. Thanks.

Final question… we have a number of subdomains each with their own A records. Will a CNAME record disrupt them?

The. Www cname is only directing the www to webflow. Your other sub domains will be ok and work as before

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Brilliant. Thank you so much. So appreciated. Have an awesome day.