Wrap text into a responsive amount of columns

Hello everyone :wave:

My problem is very simple but the solution seems pretty hard… :hot_face:
I’m designing a horizontal scrolling website and want to add some text automatically wrapping through new columns when hitting the bottom of the height. (columns should be 55 ch width)

read-only link

What I have.

What I will like to get

Things that I’ve already tryed:

– I’ve currently set my rich text into a div .txt-column with a 100% height and 1 column:
it nearly works but unfortunately, the width of the div stays at the size of the first column, causing my next (images) elements to collide into the second column. :sob:
– setting 2 or 3 columns:
Two issues, 1. the text lines are equally distributed through columns 2. I want the columns automatically generated.
– Use a flex horizontal children wrap:
It simply don’t seem to work with text

I hope you have a solution :white_heart:
Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: *[LINK]

Any idea? :cry: I’m still stuck on that issue :sleepy: