How to put a large block of text through the text columns

Hi community!

I have a lay-out issue with my project:

I have a section with an horizontal scroll and want to have one single div containing an long article of text but with differents columns as I have here (made with differents divs):

I don’t get how the “text column” feature works: when I drop the text content, it only goes on column 1 (see attached 1) and doesn’t go through the columns (as for example Indesign does). I tried different things including going in type options (see attached 2.).



I’m struggeling with this, which looks like a really simple thing.
If someone can clarify it for me, it would be great.



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Columns and text columns are very different things. For what you are doing, I’d suggest using grid and defining the grid width to be wider than your page to be able to scroll. Columns will automatically be responsive so you’d have to do the same thing to get them to be wider but they will work the same way if you wish to use those instead. I’d not try to use the text column options.


Thanks for your time and your answer!

I still have a doubt:

If I use a grid, this solution doesn’t help me to have a huge amount of text linked between different divs, right ? I´ll have to add the divs to create columns and then have to put manually the text in the corresponding divs. Having in mind that all this text is an article and not independent content.

I don’t know if it’s understandable.