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Wrap site logo in H1 tags?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if I can wrap a logo in H1 tags?

Why you ask? Well, if you look here…

My site design doesn’t really have a big title that needs a H1 tag, so I wanted to use it for the logo to let Google know it’s important :smile:


It has changed with HTML5 but putting a logo on the H1 tag was what you were supposed to do before! H1 was only adviced 1 times per page so it was the header. Now you’re supposed to be able to put as many h1 you like (on per “article”).

I’m not sure it’s a valie reason. Google knows what’s important: the header. Make sure your navbar is at root and your header is tagged Header and Google will know your brand. H1 should ne be used for page title and article titles.

But if you want: give your H1 display inline-block and dimensions, add your image as a background of your element.

But once again, Google sees a H1, it doesn’t look for an image, it looks for meaningful text.

Edit: webflow base structure for the Brand element is good.

I don’t think you can make Google act any different by messing up with it adding an H1 element in it.

Thanks for the reply Vincent.

I was under the impression you could only have one H1 tag for SEO purposes.

And the way I’ve designed out the page, there isn’t really one main title, so I guess I’ll just change the section titles to H1 tags.


Yep me too not so long ago, but we’re getting old :wink:

Found back a good read about this:

What I think is a good practice is to think about your content as being displayed in a RSS client. A “block” in the RSS client, an item, a news, is an HTML5 Article. So if your sections are distinct pieces of informations, tag the Article and give them each an h1.

Thanks again Vincent, I’ll take a look at that article later.

Now…off to Show & Tell :smile: