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What to do if my hero section has only a logo no H1

Hi all.

I’m working on a portfolio website for a signwriter.

We will just have the logo in the centre of the screen. no text.

I’m worried re SEO.

is there a clever way i can put the image into a H1 tag or something?


Use the alt tag on the picture to do some basic SEO. Make sure you use a keyword phrase in said alt tag, not just random keywords. Not much else can be done without any content. I’d try my best to talk them out of just a logo entry page… that’s so 1990s Joe Boxer! LOL

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You could use the Embed widget and an alt tag on an image inside of your h1. :+1:

    <img src="yourlogo.png" alt="This is your H1 text" />

Thanks for the replies. Would another option simply be to have proper H1 text but z-index it under the image? or will Google hit me hard for that?


Thanks. it’s just a fullscreen hero section. There’ll be much more content further down the page. it’s not a splash page in that sense. :slight_smile:

Yes, Google will hit you hard for hidden/masked text. Put your SEO efforts into the content. Make sure your image doesn’t push your content too far down the page or “below the fold”.

The way you had this worded, it seemed that there wouldn’t be any other content to attach any SEO to, just a graphic and that is why I said what I did about Joe Boxer.

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Cool thanks! Yes, my bad, I was only asking about that specific bit and forgot to say it wasn’t its own page :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

No worries. Take care.