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Re SEO, Can I turn a paragraph into a heading? Or do I have to create from scratch?

I started designing my website without understanding the importance of H1 and H2 for SEO. I’m only just discovering this now so I’m not sure yet I have it right.

I have written my copy quite conversationally, which I like, But I didn’t bother to label anything as H1 or H2, and I don’t think I have anything on my page for search engines to grab onto in that way.

Should I remake the first 2 paragraphs as H1 and H2? Can I assign those tags to something that started life as a paragraph?

Should I reword them to include specific term of what I do? … like “if you need graphic design, a logo or brand for your new business give me a call” I don’t really like that kind of thing but I do need to findable by google, which I seem not to be currently.

Not sure of the best way to proceed, any help appreciated!

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Unfortunately you can’t “convert” paragraphs to headings but you can easily create a heading element and copy your text from one to the other.

When it comes to SEO, especially heading tags, the main thing you want to remember is that search engines use your heading tags to determine the main content within the page. H1 tags should be reserved for content that describes the page as a whole, with H2, H3 (and so on) used to define sub-sections of that same content.

I can’t say for sure whether or not there’s a benefit in using more conversational headings, but as long as it accurately describes the page content and falls under 70 characters you’re good to go. That said, keywords will be beneficial regardless of where they are contained, so don’t feel like they all need to go within heading tags.

In your example of the intro text, your sitting at just over 40 characters and clearly declare your name and skill, however graphic design is a broad field. It may be beneficial to include more specific verbiage on what type of design you do, in the event someone happens to be looking specifically for packaging or web designers, for example.

I’m by no means and expert, but there’s a lot that goes into SEO outside of heading tags (like semantic elements, backlinks, URL structure, page speed, bounce rate, etc)—so make sure your efforts are broad enough to cover all of your bases.

Thanks for that info, very helpful :slight_smile:

Hello @SimonGregory,

I second what @mikeyevin said. I would add that you only need one H1 per page and that the other headings should be a combination of H2 and H3 headings and they should be related. Also, for SEO, remember to add a Title Tag and a Meta Description under page settings.
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I hope that helps.

It does help, thanks!