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Ability to block H1-tag in Rich Text elements for content editors

Sometimes you don’t want content editors to use the h1-tag in Rich Text, because you’ve already used it above the element. Asking content editors to avoid using h1 doesn’t feel like a sufficient solution.


I almost posted this request a couple of times, and I am trying to find a case where leaving this possibility to contributors is useful or make a technical sense, but I can’t find.

Before HTML5, we considered every page had only one H1 and it was the title of the site. Most likely, the title in the header, the one you click on to get back to home. The rest or the hierarchy was starting at H2. So blog posts had H2 titles. So we would prevent contributors to use H1 and H2. Rich text backoffice inputs where starting at H3.

With HTML5, there is a notion of articles.

You give an element an article when it’s a piece of unique content. The easiest reminder is: If this is something you want to see listed in an RSS list, then it has to be an article.

And inside an article, the title should be an H1. So in HTML5, you can have an unlimited number of H1 in a page.

And if your Contributors can add entire pieces of content (ie blog posts, news article etc…) the title of the piece of content should be an H1. So it’s something added in the backoffice as a line of text, not through a RT element.

What are the use cases where we need to let contributors to add H1s? Are there some?

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood something, so feel free to enlighten me, but as far as I know you can’t put a CMS field inside a Rich Text element, right?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave it up to the content editors to remember putting a H1-tag in the beginning of an article. Wouldn’t this open up for the possibility of articles being posted without any opening heading at all?

Also I think this might encourage a type of behaviour where contributors post the title twice – once in the initial Name field and once in the Rich Text field. Not that it matters, but doesn’t feel like a particularly elegant solution to me.

Sounds like a problem the Webflow-team should find a solution to?

No. What you can do is use a RT as a CMS field.

You don"t actually. Editors add a title to any CMS record, and that is becoming a H1. You set this up when designing the collection templates and dynamic lists.

Maybe, we may ne have thought about all the use cases.