Workspace confusion and bugs (Account vs Profile vs Forums vs Workspaces - it's too much)

The mechanics around managing workspaces has gotten to be extremely buggy and confusing. I think someone at Webflow needs to take a look at all of it. The UX is very poor in my opinion.

  • It seems our profile credentials (i.e., our account login credentials (i.e. user name), and our Webflow Forums credentials are 3 totally different entities. This is just frustrating and adds unnecessary complexity. Can any of this be merged?

  • This page Webflow (/dashboard/workspaces) is basically useless. You can’t do anything on this page. I can’t re-order workspaces, can’t group them in any way, and they’re not in alpha order or any kind of logical order. Selecting my default workspace to show up when I log in hasn’t worked in 6 weeks.

  • All sorts of content in Webflow U is outdated and not helpful — wording and screenshots match the old UI, they don’t tell you WHERE/HOW to do specific things related to workspaces (i.e. direction is vague, NOT clear. These 2 help articles have had misleading/outdated information for months as neither mentions the “General” tab: Manage your Workspace - Webflow University Documentation and Set a default Workspace to open your dashboard to the right place | Webflow Features

  • For the Webflow public user names — i.e. — apparently sometimes you can use a dash in there, and other times you can’t. Ugh. Please give us more consistent ability to customize things.

End rant.

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