Working with purchased template

Hi everybody,
I have few very basic questions about working with paid templates.

  1. Can I duplicate the template within my account? Just in case if I mess up classes really bad I could delete the messed up version and start again from original version?
  2. Can I copy-paste into an empty project just some sections/elements/pages from the template?
  3. Can I duplicate the template, delete pages I don’t need, publish the website, and when I need extra pages I will copy them from original version and paste into published website?

The very basic question (the part I don’t understand about templates) is what exactly you can do with purchased templates within your account?
P.S. I don’t have any intention to use one template for multiple published websites without buying additional licenses.

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1, you can make a backup along the way by hitting cmd+Shift+S and naming your backup. these will be restorable from the site settings at any time. you can go back to a backup and then come back to the current as well. If you want to duplicate the whole template, you’ll. have to pay for it again.

  1. Yes you can

  2. for duplicating the template, you’ll have to pay for another license. option 2 is a free way to achieve this.