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Github support please

Hello guys…

Its no secret designers love you. We love you.
As much as your features and settings ROCK…

We can’t work with programmers…
You’e won’t designers heart. but now we’re still designers without git…

Team work is key for any DevOps team

Why can we expect some type of github file push instead of export?


It’s something we’ve discussed with other users privately - we’d definitely be open to researching it a bit more if more users have this use case.


How do you guys measure what features to add?

This maybe one of these features that will make more designers do the switch to webflow.

Most of designer I work with and talk too haven’t made the switch to web flow because they can’t communicate updates to programmers.


Well to give you an idea our use case would be the following:

Commit to Github from Webflow —> Alert DevOps Team on Slack --> Push to Deploybot where we use grunt to minify, optimise, compile --> deploy to staging servers

Lack of Integration between Webflow and Github is causing allot of conflict in our teams. Please help :smile:

still waiting on this.