Stacket: Free hosting for smaller clients, charities, etc

Hi all,

I’ve gotten great value from the Webflow community so want to give back by sharing a great tool I found: Stacket

It allows you to automatically push an entire Webflow site, including CMS posts, to a Github account. From here you can use a free static site hosting service like Netlify to automatically detect when a site is updated, i.e. you publish on Webflow, Stacket sends the site to Github, and Netlify detects this and publishes the updates.

For normal business clients, they are happy to pay for Webflow hosting, so I find Stacket great for

  • One-page sites for smaller businesses on a budget,
  • Websites for charities and non-profits who want to keep costs down,
  • Clients for whom GDPR is an issue as once it is exported you can take it to a hosting provider that is based in the EU.

The documentation and support is great and Netlify is east to set up.

I haven’t tried out their Professional plan yet as it’s $99 a month but the optimization features look great, and when we next have a large client for whom performance is key we are going to give it a go.

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Hi, your service sound great but I have no experience with GitHub. I would like to host a webflow project in the EU with an existing hoster and domain like

So when I export the project to GitHub does that not make it globally reachable for anyone through GitHub?

And once exported, what do I have to do to get the project into my domain?



Thanks, mache ich gerne

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Have just found out about stacket, seems like a great idea. However does it go against the terms of service? I’m guessing it goes through and scrapes your website? Just worried if I use it, then somewhere down the line Webflow puts an end to it. @flashsites @Stacket

Can I use Stacket to improve my website’s performance while it is hosted on Webflow?

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