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Working completely on my MacBook Pro thanks to Webflow

After working with either multiple monitors or large 34” single monitor setups for the last 12 years, it is a joy to work solely now on my 2017 MacBook Pro TB. Webflow has made it so I no longer need a code editor, browser, git tower, and photoshop windows open. I do almost everything in Webflow on my 15” MBP screen.

I have read many reviews on single monitor vs multi and I also believe that single screen with apps maximized is a better setup for me. Now I have email open on one desktop and webflow open on a second desktop and Command + Tab is my friend.

You can really only look at one monitor at a time so why do we need so many? My new setup just uses a Rain mStand, external keyboard and Magic Trackpad. I am more efficient with less neck fatigue.

Thank you Webflow!!


Do a lot of you others work with just your MacBook now? It is making me more focused and productive. Love to hear some opinions from the Webflowers.