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Webflow is truly impressive!

Well after playing around with Webflow for about 1 week now, I can now announce i’m a convert!!

Now I’m coming from a background of Photoshop for design comps, and then hand-coding all the way, something I have now done for many years, and enjoyed, or is that tolerated for that time :wink:

I always thought of using a WYSIWYG of sorts at this stage would be a massive step-backwards, and frowned upon by the hand-coding community (and off course it will be by many), and conjure up hideous memories of using Dreamweaver (I think it was Sergie that mentioned someplace Webflow was not like a WYSIWYG your grandad used) and the like.

But It’s not a step-backward in my eyes at all, it’s a step-forward in many ways. As i mentioned I had done the old Photoshop, then into code editor workflow, and then in recent times, solely designing in the browser (with only creating basic mockups in PS), which was even worse, and really ups the hours spent on a project I have found.

With the Webflow workflow?!? I have found a near perfect balance now, designs seem to come together quicker, I know that nice, clean semantic code is being exported out, media queries are dealt with there, and then, and all it requires from me is to add any needed JS etc… in my code-editor of choice afterwards.

Yes, it is not truly drag & drop like a certain application coming along soon (it’s named after an exotic bird if you’re wondering), but that is truly fine with me. I feel Webflow is adhering to web development/coding practices more strictly in so many ways.

Looking forward to seeing a great product develop even further.

PS: The UI looks so sexy on a Retina screen!!! :slight_smile:

Many thanks


Just favorited my first post on this forum! Cheers!

Welcome aboard @marcremblance!

This is fantastic to hear. Please let us know if you have any ideas for making the UI even better! :thumbsup: