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MacBook Pro with or without External Monitor for Webflow?

I just purchased a MacBook Pro and wondering how many of you use an external monitor and how many just work with your MBP? Webflow makes this much easier as the one UI can do it all. If you do use external monitor, what do you use it for?

I am debating about getting a new 36" curved or 4K monitor, but it will never meet the resolution of the MBP.

I think that at the end everything comes down to your preference and liking. Do you feel more comfortable designing on a big screen or you prefer a “smaller” place to work?

In my persona opinion I would choose the external monitor to work on my desktop and have a little bit more room to move things around to just having the MBP screen.

That is is true. I had an external with last setup just for mail, chat, etc so I probably should again.

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Over time, you will find a solution that works for you. Much depends on your budget. I like to rock a couple of 4k monitors off the main desktop, the MBP has a 4k external when parked at the desk. When I am mobile with the MBP, I connect a IPad Pro to it as an external monitor with Duet.

I spend more time in-front of computers and cameras than anything else, and don’t have to commute for work. So I try to make it as efficient for me as possible.

I started out using an external monitor then went to just using my macbook pro because I knew I wanted to travel and wanted to build my muscle memory for that workflow. I’ve been in Bali for the past 10 months with just my macbook pro and I don’t feel any less productive.

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I am thinking the same. Bigger screens are nice but not really needed for Webflow. I am thinking I want to be mobile and get back to basics. I have a 2017 TB MBP and I love it.