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MacBook Air M1 and Webflow?

Hi Webflowers! :wave:t2:

I’m upgrading/updating my work setup and need a few tips from MacBook users :man_technologist:t2:

The thing is I want to buy a real powerful gaming laptop like Eluktronics but currently get it. That being said, I recommended a MacBook Air M1 to my girlfriend and she bought it — I’ve never owned MacBooks and other Mac OS devices, the same guess for the rest of Apple :apple: products.

Currently, the only thing that worries me is the size of the screen while working in Webflow — I’ve tried it and the website I tested looked quite cramped. I mean understandably so but it feels like it I buy a 13 inch screen then I’ll need to change my design habits (?) to adapt to MBA M1.

So guys what are your thoughts on this? :thinking: Have you ever had problems with MBA and MacBooks in general? It’s 8gb RAM is enough or it is better to get 16gb?

Also, I will really appreciate the tips on moving from Windows to Mac OS. I did get a hang of the service when I configured the laptop for my girlfriend but I still will be glad to get even dumb tips — maybe I’ve missed something. In addition to that, what about other apps and tools for video editing, and, specifically, 3D modeling, coding, video game development, and so on. I’m asking it because I really do not understand what MacBook Pro is for, especially M1 Max :thinking:

Most of my stack consists of web apps, mainly Webflow, Figma, Notion, n8n, etc. Still I love tweaking my devices and working on various stuff.

P.S: Even if I buy MBA M1 now, I will buy a gaming laptop anyway because I want to game and stream. For those who are wondering why I am not getting a PC — I do move from a place to place quite a lot (not right now) so I want to be flexible and be able to work and play videogames wherever I might be.

Hi @GeorgyDesign, great question, I use a MacBook M1 13" myself for 90% of the work I do in Webflow, however I do also have an older iMAC from 2015 that works great still with Webflow.

I think the answer is that if you design responsively and in a way that is predictable at all viewport and monitor sizes, then you can use a smaller screen to do most of the work you wish to achieve with no issues.

Everybody is different, you might look into getting the Macbook Air M1 13", then look for some good deal on a used iMac to get both devices, as I mentioned, my 2015 iMac still works great with Webflow and I am completely happy with it.

If you are especially targeting designs for wider viewports, i.e. 27" or higher and 4k, 5k monitors, or have the need to have multiple windows in view at once (often when doing video editing and graphics work) and want the luxury of screen space etc, then I usually recommend to go with the larger iMac.

If mobility is important and overall value, then my humble opinion/recommendation is Macbook Air M1 13", I recommend to get as much hard drive space and as much memory that is within your budget. The Macbook will last you a very long time.

I also have a Samsung Galaxy Pro 360 with 16gb ram and it is super awesome with the touch screen and trackpad.

I hope this opinion helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the reply @cyberdave!

I was worried that working with a device’s screen this small will be a huge pain but if you say that you do 90% of the work in Webflow on MBA M1, then, I suppose, it was the first impression of mine.

Still, how do you do the responsiveness job? Do you just change the resolution in Webflow settings, i.e. “zoom-out” or do something else? There is not much screen real estate because of Webflow UI, so, basically, even designing for 1440px requires to “zoom-out” — maybe I’m wrong about it.

Again, I really appreciate your reply! It’s just scary to me that I will be annoyed with the lack of screen size while working in Webflow — though, again, maybe it’s not an issue at all.

Hi @GeorgyDesign,

Everyone is different of course, I recommend to go to your nearest Apple store or other store where they sell macbooks and imacs and test them out.

I love my iMac also, there are times when using my iMac is more helpful than when I am on my MBP 13.

I am just saying that the mbp m1 13" screen does not cause me any issues generally, but that is just my own opinion, I would go check them out in person and see which computer gives you a better feel.

I appreciate the replies, @cyberdave! Wish you all the best :sunglasses: