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Images resize themselves with every click

Hi all,

I noticed a strange behaviour on my site. I have created two images in the “About” Section on the home page.
They´re formatted just how I want it, when I am in desktop view.
As soon as I change to tablet / phone view, the images / texts resize and I cannot change it. No matter how I change the layout, the image resizes, but as soon as the page is saved, it resizes back again.

You can easily reproduce this by selecting one of the images in the “About Us” section, and change for example the position from auto to relative. The images will resize. Now wait until the page saves, and the images will resize again on their own. The same happens if you change back to auto, or anything else.

How can I achieve a proper formatting / layout of these two images on tablet/phones? It shoud just look like in desktop view.

Thanks a lot

Hi @lighthunters thanks for the report. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue.

The first thing to check is if any of the steps listed in the bug report page helps to resolve the issue.

Many times disabling browser extensions or plugins will help to resolve the issue.

If the issue persists, please send me as much information as possible including:

1. Current browser being used and what operating system.
2. Exact steps to reproduce the issue or error.
3. Screenshots or Screencast of the issue as you are observing the behavior.  Cloudapp is a good free tool:

Thanks in advance!

p.s. I noticed that there is some unusual styling on those row and column, are you trying to accomplish something specific with that I would actually use flexbox to align your content:

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