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Image sizes change themselves on designer


I’m new with webflow and I came across this weird bug/feature.

I created a section for our team. On the page I made a Tab section with 4 columns in it. I was supposed to put an image and text in each column indicating team members picture and name. The weird thing is that the image sizes keep on changing even though I don’t click or edit anything. But sometimes when I click on the image and edit “align center” the images come bigger and after I have a while the images suddenly become smaller even though I don’t edit ANYTHING even related to those images. I

Sometimes the images become smaller again when I choose the “tab pane”, where the columns are. When I click “align center” they become big. It’s so weird. Then after a while even though I don’t touch anything, the align is still set on center, but the images just suddenly resize themselves smaller.

Not a native english speaker, so bare with me.

Hi @polfusion can you share an only view link?

This way I can help you with any request

I recommend using a grid instead of columns. Set the grid column width to .25fr for each one.

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the same happen to me:
I got 2 sections and when I “pause” to do stuff suddenly all the elements in it resize small on the top left corner.
If I then hide something or do any operation in any of the elements on the body the section become normal for a while, but again it go small.

Did anybody find something similar or a solution?

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