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Work around for adding field to the value of custom attribute

Hey guys,

I have built a slider using a dynamic list using the Cycle2 plug-in and I would like to use the bookmark function.

The easiest way would be if I was able to add a field to value of the custom attribute of the slide, just like I’m able to do if I add a HTML embed to an item inside a dynamic list.

This is how I’m imagining it would look like:

But, this is not possible, so I’m trying to find a work-around.

I made an item in the wish list for this.

Any help much appreciated,

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Hey @jornaagaard, I just had the same problem, you probably found it already:
Did not find a solution so far, but one thing to avoid:
If the Cycle2 slider sits inside a dynamic template, you may encounter further problems. Because if the slider starts inside one dynamic item, it will of course stay there if you click through the slides. And (provided you manage to assign the data-cycle-hash) that would mess up your slug like this: etc.

I’m just about to dump the slider and maybe build a custom dynamic lightbox from scratch, but I’m pretty sure that will lead to other problems…
Could be so much easier if we had a dynamic slider out of the box, but I can’t wait for that, deadlines and stuff…

If you find another workaround, let us know, would totally appreciate it!