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Custom code dynamic field

Hey guys,

It would be really awesome to be able to have a custom code field for dynamic fields, it could be used for things like embedding twitter follow buttons into sites, as well as for a host of other things.

Even better, but much more complex from a UI point of view would be the ability to have dynamic content as a part of embedded code, but not the whole thing, so that a content editor only need add the twitter user link and it gets added to the custom code.


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Reference Webflow CMS from “Custom Attributes” Value field

I would love to be able to work with the Webflow CMS using custom attributes. To be able to manipulate dynamic content using custom attributes would allow a lot of new use cases, such as applying the Isotope/MixiTup filters to dynamic content (not currently possible without writing your own code).

Adding CMS accessibility to Custom Attribute values would create a missing connection between custom code and Webflow CMS. If you’re reading this, please share your input.


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