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Can I build a CMS slider?

Hi There,

I’ve taken a good look around on the forums, but I still can’t seem to find a solution.

Can a I build a slider with CMS capability, that allows a content editor to add additional images to the slider?

All help much appreciated.

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Check this thread:

Hi there,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately the link you have included gives me the 404 error.

If you could fix it, that would be great - keen to find a solution.

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would love to see the link too actually !
I’m also looking for a way to pilot slides with Webflow CMS

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Hi there, we’ve succesfully used the example with jQueury and Cycle2, but our client doesn’t want external links/scripts used in their site, so we need to use the code within webflow, without the use of external scripts.

Does anybody else have a workaround to get dynamic items in a slider, without the use of extra scripts?

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