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Wordrpess Elementor Pro Vs Webflow CMS plan Pricing compare

I create Wordpress Elementor Pro real-estate site this month.

On Webflow the CMS plan Was enough ($20 paid monthly -or- 16$X12 = 192$ paid annually). Webflow “worst case” ==> 240$

Elementor & Wordpress:

  • Elementor pro ESSENTIAL for 1 site yearly - 49$
  • ACF (advanced custom feild) PRO (cms gallery feild) yearly - 49$
  • Yoast free version - 0$
  • Custom Post Type UI - For custom post types - 0$
  • Hosting israel company - 13$ per month - 156$

Sum yearly: 254$ (22$ per month)

The idea ± (Why you must buy Pro versions):
Elementor pro works like Webflow designer (PRO For Header And Footer, Slides & Carousels, Single Post, Archive Page).

ACF PRO works like Webflow CMS (custom fields) - for gallery feild you must buy the pro version.


Webflow is not necessarily cheaper than WordPress (WordPress Without paid plugins + cheaper hosting maybe). Hard to compare (There are many variables related to WordPress). In the future on WordPress more Pro plugins (Wp rocket, Yoast, and so on) == more money (It makes sense that mega plugin development is not free).

Studios/Agencies - the downside of Webflow VS Elementor PRO:

For studios/agencies - if you host a lot of sites in WordPress the relative price goes down (Which unfortunately does not exist in Webflow). For example, A license for 25 sites in Elementor will cost $200 (8$ per site). ACF pro Unlimited websites cost 250$ per year.

Time of development:

At my knowledge level at webflow the project would take 10-15 hours of development. On WordPress custom sliders needs custom code (Shortcode and PHP loop + ACF API) - the project will take 30-45± hours.

Webflow does not give you the ability to use custom certs unless you are on Ent which is $$$$$. I would not factor that into pricing since LetsEncrypt certificates are free.

Curious as to what features were missing in Webflow that lead you to deploy on WP for this case?

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Ok. I will update the comparison later - I do not yet buy the certificate.

Customer’s requirement at the level that it’s either WordPress or it’s not working with me (Design and Development). I tried to convince the customer to insist hh.

I know this thread seems to be aimed at pricing, but I can’t help but point out that my experience with Elementor is that the performance of such a site will be vastly different to that built on Webflow and the extra level of investment may pay dividends in the long run.

I tried it again only the other day to confirm this point, and not only was the performance absolutely terrible (even with us fine-tuning the hosting as much as we could) but the designer in Elementor is heavily restricted in comparison to Webflow.

Of course, this assumes that Webflow is a good tool for the job at the time in the first place.

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