Wordpress VPS and CRM vs webflow


I am hosting my site in wordpress VPS like liquidweb and my CRM is also wordpress based but both are kind of expensive. Is it a good idea to switch to webflow from wordpress and also a non-wordpress based CRM. I am paying 700 usd 2 years pre-pay for a 100gb ram and 4gb cpu liquidweb vps. But the kind of websites elementor and other theme builders make are not as good as webflow.

Cost wise, Webflow CMS would be similar for hosting, so I would recommend making cost the decision factor here.

I’m not familiar enough with the current WP featureset or how you’re using the CMS so I can’t give any advice there, but I’d recommend you do a feature analysis, and maybe do a small WF prototype if you’re looking to test out the features.

I like to be honest. Webflow is great for design freedom, but it’s not the all mighty answer to everything. It is my personal favorite webdesign/ site tool. You will probably be less expensive on a Webflow build versus Wordpress. I also use that in combination with Webflow as front-end. But Wordpress has great plugins , sometimes for free and sometimes paid. With Webflow you also often need paid solutions , it will probably depend on your needs if Webflow is a good fit. My personal website is a Webflow/wordpress build as multi-language was much cheaper this way for example .

Security is also a plus for Webflow as it is less prone for hacking and speed should also be better, but a good wordpress host will also help.

Hi. I have the same question. Is there anyone who can help me migrate my site from WordPress to Webflow? Is such a service provided and is it chargeable? We are now hosted on a regular virtual server at https://hyperhost.ua, the server has a control panel, so we can provide access to upload the current site without problems. The only question is, is there anyone who can help with the migration?

@Valeryu - PM sent so check your messages and provide as much detail as you can.