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Hosting Webpage on Wordpress

Hi all,

I have a question for the community. I have two one-page websites (separate) I’d like to host to takeover my old one. This is for a brand that I do mostly gratis work as a hobby for close relationships as my full time job as a marketing director takes most of my time up. Therefore, I am averse to the monthly payment for Webflow. I currently use WordPress and host with Siteground, and that actually costs about $180 per year. Obviously, with Siteground, I get a lot more value, for example - being able to add as many domains as I want. If I were to host with Webflow, I’d only get that hosting with one domain.

The two domains I currently host and care most about are my business and personal site.


I’d need two plans to use that with Webflow, right? So, about $384 per year for sites that make me no money but are mainly for vanity. And then I’m not setting myself up for cost efficiency for future domains either, right?

All my sites are static. I’ve never exported HTML, CSS and Javascript elsewhere, I’ve always had my team do that. I can still commission some people for that. But, I want to hear what YOU would recommend for me.

Thank you so much.


You may want to look at the Udesly adapter. Will probably be a breeze if your sites are mostly static. Though, I’m not sure if the forms will keep working.

Just tried the Udesly adapter yesterday and everything is working perfectly so the forms!

That’s cool. Is there any custom attributes to add? Did you use their UI kit or your own design?

I used my own design and copy pasted their elements (so I don’t have any attribute to write) then I styled everything to fit my content.

For static sites there’s absolutely nothing special to do! Except if you want some elements to be editable in WordPress.

I’ve tried that platform twice a couple months ago to no avail. One was even on a fresh install of WP I believe. Do I just need to try again?

And just curious - who do you host with?

The FTP function didn’t worked for me so I uploaded the theme manually in cPanel. I use “Extreme VPS” at hostpapa.