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Questions for using webflow over wordpress

Hi All,

I own a digital marketing agency that currently focuses on wordpress, however we are thinking about switching to webflow. I have several questions and was hoping the community would have some thoughtful input.

If we use webflow just for static design then export for conversion to wordpress, does this replace the entire PSD phase, as well as cut development time in half?

If we decide to start using webflow CMS which requires hosting with webflow, what are your thoughts on this? It seems that it should cut total development time possibly in half. The downside is expensive hosting, but because of the development savings, it would be years before the hosting costs caught up with us. Thoughts?

How do you like the Webflow CMS compared to wordpress?
-Thoughts on its SEO functionality?
-Time to build?
-Can you create database templates that can be applied to custom webflow designs? Or do you need to create the CMS from scratch each time?

How is their support? The lack of a phone number troubles me, but they get rave reviews for customer server.

How is their hosting? It seems to be similar to in that it is very automated and not overly technical (at least that is how they advertise it). Are there any limitations? The major limitation I see thus far is the fact that they charge by domain name. This seems to indicate that creating a landing page on a subdomain might entail separate hosting fees?

How are email alerts from form submissions handled? We currently either embed a form from a marketing automation tool, or use a contact7 form. When using the contact7 form, we use an SMTP plugin to avoid deliverability issues with the built in phpmail. Do we need to jump through hoops to get reliable mail with webflow? Is there a way to use SMTP or API to route mail through our server, without using zapier?

Thank you for any input you have. Feel free to add any other misc input as well!


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