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Migrating Webflow to Wordpress?

It’d be great to get some discussion going about the best way to do this, I’d love to hear some information from people who do this on a regular basis. Maybe you all have workflows that work best? I know webflow seems to be pushing their CMS 0 but that won;t work for everything.

I have a standard workflow for doing this now, with a default wordpress theme.
I convert the webflow html export to templates without touching the html markup, so I can re-import any time I make changes in webflow. The css is imported automatically too.

Also, for each template I generate fields in the backend automatically by using advanced custom fields.

What is still missing is integration of the webflow javascript code and forms, which could be a bit of a problem. I think for forms I could only set up an automatic tool that sends emails on form submission to a specified email.

How do you do it? And what would you expect from an automation tool?

So you didn’t use Webflow at all then for your website? The thread starter was asking how to take the export from Webflow to Wordpress. I’m very curios about your speed issues with Webflow hosting. Almost every site I try built on Wordpress is not that speedy.

Edit: I see now that this account only talking about templatemonster.


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