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Wordpress to Webflow migration

I landed a gig doing a new website for a student newspaper who have a Wordpress blog with over 3000 entries. I built them a new homepage in Webflow, they love it and are interested in migrating. Now that I’ve done some more nitty-gritty tasks in migrating via a CSV file, I am also trying to decide what is the most time-efficient way to complete the project: learning new WordPress skills or doing rather tedious tasks in Webflow.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could shed light on the following issues:

  1. Managing Featured Pictures
  • relinking the pictures for over 3000 blog posts is obviously a nightmare, but doable. The official WF tutorial demonstrates how to link using an embed, but once the old WP project disappears, so will those images. Is there a quick way to resolve this?
  1. Managing Blog Tags / Authors
  • This may be the real killer for migrating to Webflow, as I’m not sure if there is any easy way to manage blog tags, let alone migrate over 1400 blog tags from WP and keep them linked to their respective articles. Same goes for authors, as I am just importing the author as text and not as a collection item. Any ideas?
  1. Plugins
  • There is not a ton of thorough information about this. Could a webflow design manage content that is created in Wordpress? Webflow plugin for WP? Udesly?

All in all, I am happy with designing in Webflow and I’m not sure I could get that same aesthetic result in Wordpress/Elementor. However, if that means losing key functionality and doing tons of tedious work, then probably not worth it.

I’m currently building a solution for your exact problem: 1) importing images, and 2) mapping reference fields (e.g. tags, authors).

If you’re interested, I would love to help you with this migration. It will give me a chance to put my app through its paces. Sign up for the free private beta and and I’ll get in touch.


Hi, Im interested on your solution. I signed up for a beta test yesterday. Please advise,

@JudoHacker I signed up for a trial after reading this post. Same issue, smaller scale (currently). Would love to see what you’re working on, give feedback, and utilize it in beta.

Thanks @jbruce, I plan on giving you a call tomorrow.

Hey @Gary_WF, I received your sign up and emailed you 2 days ago. Maybe it landed in your spam folder? :cry: