Transferring site from WordPress to Webflow

I have a couple of clients who use WordPress as their CMS. They are familiar with WP and have used the platform for years and have built up large audiences via their blogs and podcasts etc.
At one point I tried to bring one of the clients over to Webflow, but it felt like there were too many hurdles to cross and they were concerned about the impact of transferring 300+ posts (SEO and lost data etc.)

I did design the site in Webflow and then used Udesly to convert to a WP template. Although this helps, it’s not ideal. I am now considering running this past them again. Load times on WP are getting worse and worse, and we can’t keep relying on plugins.

Has anyone succesfully brought over sites with large traffic etc. from WP to Webflow? Did it impact SEO? How did you manage the transfer of images (this was the main stumbling block for us initially)?

Webflow is missing to many features for me to consider it a viable blogging platform for large sites. I have worked with Wordpress off and on since it was first created. Pulling performance out of it requires lots of work and so does keeping it secure. I build custom hosting for most projects and don’t have performance issues. I have been working with Ghost lately and it smokes Wordpress on performance as well as theming. I need to be able to theme by tag and category as well as have nesting for great SEO, something you can’t do in Webflow and can in Ghost. The Ghost editor is so much better then both WP and WF and membership is built in. Something WF could strive for. You can use Ghost hosting and they will even migrate a WP site for free. AMP support and multi-language features add more icing. Plus you can use Udelsly to convert a Webflow design into a Ghost template.

If your looking past Wordpress and need something can meet and exceed it’s functionality for blogging I really suggest you look at while we wait for Webflow to catch up.

Hi Jeff. Thank you - that’s really helpful. I never considered Ghost and it seems like a nice solution. The memberships aspect is actually something they were looking into, and if we can cut out 3rd partly plugins, that’s a bonus.

you rendered me tremendous help