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Transfer Domain from Wordpress to Webflow

Hey, friends!

I’m currently building a website for a friend of mine and his original website was built and hosted at Wordpress.

Because I don’t currently have access to all his details and logins and information, is there a tutorial somewhere that could explain to him exactly how to transfer his old domain to Webflow?

I.E. deleting Wordpress installation from the cPanel (if there is one?) and transferring or forwarding the domain to Webflow? Upgrading to the proper plan and etc?

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Your client registered the domain somewhere. He would need to simply go to
the registrar and point the DNS to the new host you provide (preferably
after you’ve completed and uploaded the website files to the new host to
reduce down time).

He purchased the domain through Wordpress. I might know a little of what that is, but to the client who is not fully tech savvy, they may not know all those details. Any sort of step-by-step simple walkthrough I could send them?

Transfer a Domain to Another Registrar

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I’m sorry I don’t use WordPress to design websites or to register domains,
but I’m sure there is something in the control panel that will allow you to
point the DNS to the new hosting company.

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No worries, just trying to get the resources in my clients hands to do what he needs to do to get the domain over to the right place. Thanks, @AntonioBalderas & @sethregan !

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