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Domain on Webflow and Subdomain on Wordpress

I want the website domain to be made in Webflow and the subdomain in Wordpress. Is it possible? How


At your dns provider you’ll need to specify the A records for your root domain and www to point to Webflow servers, then do the same for your sub domain and point that to wherever your sub domain site is hosted.

Please can you explain me in detail. I am in big problem

Going to need more detail then.

What have you tried? What isn’t working? What DNS provider are you using?

This link will help sort out your Webflow element for root

You’ll need to create new records for whatever you want your sub domain to be called and specify the server they’re meant to point to.

Let’s say I have a website hosted on a X hosting, I don’t want to ruin its functionality.
I want to remake the site in Webflow and when the site is ready, I want that website removed from X hosting and be hosted on Webflow while the subdomains of that website remaining in X hosting

I am using MyShopHosting for both Domain and Hosting