Word Docs in CMS

Hello all, I have a large Word document around 1500 pages, that is broken into many around 50 chapters. I am looking for a way to import my Word document or PDF into Webflow’s CMS and have it separate each section by chapter. However, when testing the CMS capabilities I only see an option for uploading CSV files. I tried to convert my word document into a CSV file, but it removes all of the headers, tables, figures, and styling that I have. If anyone has any suggestions or alternatives that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

There is no “Automatic” way to do this. You can convert the document into a PDF and may be able to upload it depending on size. A slower and more tedious option would be to take the content and chapter by chapter with each being a CMS item, use a rich text field which you manually populate via copy and paste plus image upload. Webflow is not designed for publishing books. Good luck.