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WOFF not showing on Safari

Recently WOFF stopped working on Safari, but not on Chrome.

Any thoughts?

Here is my site Read-Only:

What’s the Safari version?
If it’s not Safari 12, are you sure it’s WOFF and not WOFF2?
What’s the name of the typeface and on what page is it? (home page doesn’t have any @font-face declared)

Haven’t had to do a custom CSS declaration so far, so not sure why @font-face needed.

Seems like somehow in Designer Styles Panel, the designation of the font at as Boldface was de-selected (not by us), and in Safari, that means the font falls back to default (sans-serif), whereas in Chrome the default is the remaining weight (which is the correct Black weight).

Anyway, have corrected it partly reselecting the correct weight (on one site), and partly by adding TTF faces in all weights not just the WOFF).

FYI I generated the WOFF so think they are WOFF 1 but not sure could be WOFF 2.

Anyway, fixed for now. Will revert if weight selection unselects again. As a reference, the Webflow Style panel has a habit of unilaterally changed selections over time. Not sure why, but whatever. Thanks!

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