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Woff custom font being converted to woff 2 on install

I am trying to upload both woff & woff2 versions of my custom font. When I do the initial upload, they are labeled correctly as woff and woff 2 however when I install, the woff is being installed as woff2. So my installed fonts are showing as two woff2 instead of a woff & a woff2.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Interesting. So, if that’s really what happens under the hood, you should lose the compatibility with IE8 to 11. Can you test the support for those browsers with your site? Is it really broken?

You’ll find that often, woff2 is given to not suppert Edge 12-14, but that’s not true.

Are you going to ONLY use the woff format? (simple question). I think you can. Woff is supposed to cover almost all browsers. Woff2 is more limited, especially for old browsers. Most problematic with Woff2 is it doesn’t support Android KitKat and lower, which is more than 12% of android users (as of fall 2018), and IE lack of support, which is another more than 10%.

Woff2 has a better compression but not that much better. And it’s letting down 22% of users.

Hmmm…it looks to be some glitch in the matrix lol so when I first install them they all say woff2 but if I go to the designer and then back to settings they all show correctly. Also, I’m using canary so that could part of the reason for the glitch. It can be buggy at times.

But to answer your question lol yes I wanted to include both of them because IE11 and Android support issues for woff2.

Oh, great then. I was skeptical about the font manager being able to convert fonts.

Webflow font manager still suffers from bugs. I very often have to delete everything and reupload again because of unexpected stuff, also linking the weights to their proper designations in Webflow can be a complete hell. The typeface I’m working with right now has many fonts, and I could spend hours on importing it inside of Webflow, I could never ever have the correct relations between font files and font weight in Webflow. I’m having normal, book, bold and semi-bold all mixed up but I gave up and use them as is.

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