Font formats and Font Stacks

Does anyone know how exactly WF handles font formats and stacks (fallbacks)?

When I upload a custom font in all the different font formats, does that mean that IE is picking the .EOT format and Chrome the .WOFF or .TTF?
Is it possible to set preferences on what format is picked first and what the browsers falls back to if it can’t handle the first choice?

And what is the basic fall-back for a sans serif? Is that just determined by the browsers anyway?

Thank you!

HI @Rapha the best is to use woff or woff2. You do not need to thing about IE as Microsoft announced end of IE support from August 17 2021.

hi @Rapha if you do not need further assistance feel free to close your issue.

Sorry, Stan, for some reason I didn’t see the woff and woff2 suggestion you posted earlier anymore – I see it again now. Thank you!

I’m still looking to understand better how fallbacks and stacks are handled in WF.
But if I don’t get anything this week I’ll close the topic as you suggested and open a new one with just that specific question.

HI @Rapha WF is only GUI for basic HTML,CSS and/or JS, so you should look for standard web-font handling. But like I have mentioned today browsers use any font format but WOFF is preferred. It “doesn’t mother” what font format you will use as IE is on the end. But if for some reason visitor of your website are mainly people from government offices where they usually still have and use IE 6-9 you can specify fonts and CSS standard way as

<!-- Custom .eot fonts for IE8 -->
<!-- IE8 fonts should load before other font-face declarations to avoid IE8 crash  -->
<!--[if lt IE 9]>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/pub/stylesheets/fonts-ie8.css" />     

<!-- Custom .woff fonts -->
<link href="/pub/stylesheets/fonts.css" rel="stylesheet">

but like I have said IMO there no special actions from WF to manage fonts.

Thanks, Stan!
Appreciate it!

Hi @Rapha glad to help, hope that you will find what you looking for beside this standard font declaration for IE (discontinued) and rest of modern browsers.

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