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Will Webflow ever implement a real rich text element?

Even the entry level web editors like Weebly and Wix have rich text editing that includes font choices, font size, color, etc. for text.

It is my hope that one day that Webflow will catch up with the free tools out there.

As it is, I have to use H1-H6 set to various colors and sizes for use within a rich text element to get any kind of control from with the editor.

This is what we need at a minimum for the rich text element:

hi @dsnodgrass here is short video how you can work with RTB. It is different from other platforms but it has some benefits too.

Hi Stan,

I appreciate the video but this is not what I’m commenting about. I’m talking about rich text styling from the EDITOR.

Scenarios: I’m in an RTB with a dark background and I want light gray paragraphs with some text in white plus I want that white text slightly larger. An editor has no way to change font color or size to suit.

Furthermore, I can’t right justify the text or change the font to the alternate that I have set for use on the site.

And so on.

I realize that I do have a lot of control from the Designer, whereby I can create a thousand different classes. But that’s not my issue.

A REAL rich text block would give me tools in the editor to format the text. Right now all we have is bold and italic. Which is why I call it a PTB (Poor Text Block).

I hope that better explains the title to this thread.

Hi @dsnodgrass I understand that but like I have mentioned it is a different approach that is in my opinion a better solution as you can set your template to unify RTB style for client. This mean that they do not need to set everything from scratch every time they will be adding a new content. Second benefit is consistency (font family, font size, color, nested numbering etc. ).Whats more you can have as many templates as you need and all styling is applied by just adding one class.

Anyway, I’m not happy with lots of things in WF but to be fair from my perspective this solution is more efficient but I understand that it doesn’t suit your needs.

The challenge is that I need some minimal flexibility from the editor itself.

I can have our webdev do dozens of variations of RTBs but I’m paying $$ to have her make class mods to the specific RTB on the page I’m editing.

“Can you give me an H setting in the RTB on the “Contact Us” page that is white, 20px, right justified?”

So she does a special class just for that one RTB on that one page just so I can get some basic rich text formatting. Of course, if I need white text in 20px centered, then she has to burn another header style to do that.

Currently we have about 40 different RTB styles going and we’ve basically lost track of where they are on the site.

It’s actually quite frustrating.

hi @dsnodgrass now I’m getting into picture. As you have mentioned you are not developer (that’s totally fine) there is probably misunderstanding what RTB is/should be used for.

RTB are used for element that we call an article this mean long text with other elements like images etc. something like Blog post. So basically you need on one RTB on whole Blog website. Rest of all content is done with standard elements like text, paragraph, image, link etc.

I’m mentioning it only because you have note Contact-Us page and there you do not use RTB, nor on other pages with text if it is not a blog article or something else very similar. When you having 40+ RTB on site there is something wrong. Can you post “read-only” link to see why you have too many RTB’s ?

As I said Stan, I understand that the RTB has a very limiited range of what it can do. That’s my very complaint. Specifically, it’s not really a rich text element since you can’t do any rich text in it except for bolding and italicizing text.

I need justification, font color, and size. Period, end of story. What Webflow is calling an RTB isn’t one AT ALL.

When an editor can’t even center justify some text, then there’s a problem. The reason I have so many RTB variations is that H classes is the only way to do this:

H1: 40 px bold white text right justified
H2: 40 px bold white text left justified
H3: 40 px bold white text center justified
H4: 40 px bold light gray text right justified
H5: 40 px bold light gray text left justified
H6: 40 px bold light gray text center justified
H?: 28 px bold white text right justified
H?:28 px bold white text left justified
H?:28 px bold white text center justified
H?:28 px bold light gray text right justified
H?:28 px bold light gray text left justified
H?:28 px bold light gray text center justified

And so on down to 12px text. And I haven’t even added the variations for other colors or the alternate font face I have on the site.

Until Webflow allows more than one person to be in the Designer at once, then what is needed is the ability to add a rich text block to a page such that an editor can modify text without having to worry about classes set in the designer.

hi @dsnodgrass can you post “read-only” link to project? Maybe I’ll be able to help.

Is there some way from the Editor to style text that is undocumented?

Right now my webdev is having to add a new rich text box with a different style whenever I want to change justification, size, or color. The solution needs to be outside of the Designer environment.

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