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A Better Rich Text Editor in the Collection Manager


I know I’ve said this before, but I really think a better Rich Text Editor inside the Collection Manager is needed.
There are of course basic things like font-size, font-colour, and so forth, which would make the posting experience much more user friendly and personal, which is what is needed when dealing with clients who wish to edit or create their own posts.
I would also really like to see the text-alignment and text-direction (LTR or RTL) features. My clients type in Hebrew a lot and it would make it much easier for them if they could read what they’re writing in the correct direction.
These features don’t seem too complex to implement and I find it hard to understand why you guys have not done it already…Hope you change your mind soon :smiley:


My thoughts exactly.

I have to disappoint a lot of CMS-customers about the Richt text editor functionalities… No way to add colors, font-sizes, line-breaks… :frowning:

Hi @kasperkazzual.
Well, with line breaks, you can sort of get away with it by pressing Shift+Enter. It’s not great, but better than nothing. I actually created a completely white jpeg that is 2px high and approx 400px wide and I just insert that everywhere I need a line break. Also not the greatest, but it works…

If anyone else would like to have an improved RT Editor, please reply here or like the post. Maybe Webflow staff will see and take notice…

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I agree! Webflow really needs to work on the rich text editor. Having to do work arounds and style paragraphs with top and bottom margins seems is both lengthy and unnecessary. I am working on a site prototype in a team, and in one collection, shift+enter creates line breaks just fine. But in another, it doesn’t work whatsoever. Should really just be a universal option.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find a good text editor. Turned up that it is quite difficult to find exactly what I need for an acceptable price. After few hours of exhausted searching, I have found one interesting site that lists some interesting text editors and a brief description: