Rich Text Editor Improvements Are REALLY Needed

BS"D (With the Help of Heaven)

Here are some of the things I think of that need improvement:

  • center text
  • RTL writing and editing
  • Spaces between lines.
  • Seperator line
  • Font size

Hope to see improvments soon :smile:

Agreed. I would also love to have more control over the margins of embedded youtube videos.

You can add a class to rich text elements and specify how you want all the tags to behave. Centering text, font size, spacing between lines can all be specified. Try to mess with the RTL settings in the typography panel for text inside of rich text elements.

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Hey @yoramraz1 & @Troponin there’s a great how-to video here on styling Rich Text Elements: :slight_smile:

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Thanks. @cyberdave told me I have to unbind the rich text element in the collection template and then I can edit things.
G-d Bless.

Thank you Waldo, thank you thesergie.

I know about nested elements, but as far as I know this doesn’t work with the HTML embed element. I obviously can’t use it inside of a rich text block. Hence I cannot design how embedded youtube links show up in the CMS when I use a rich text block there.

See what I mean?

:boom: EDIT: figured it out. I wasn’t aware that you have to manually add a class to the Rich Text Block in the CMS.

Hey @Troponin.
I’m interested what you did with the embed element, because I also can’t seem to change it’s style only for CMS purposes…
Thanks and G-d bless