Improved Rich Text Editor fro CMS

I’d love to see a more options in the rich text editor to enable things like color, font, and other handy options. Otherwise, I can’t really style my artcile…
Keep up the good work

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Check out this how-to on how to style individual elements in your RTE elements:

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Thanks. G-d Bless :slight_smile:

If we could style it from the CMS that would be awesome! Our clients don’t have much control in this regard

I agree. Maybe they’ll get around to it sometime…

I’m having lots of problems with the rich text field in the collections editor. I need to type in hebrew, and there is no right-to-left option, which makes editing very very difficult…Even if I style the rich text element in the collection template it doens’t help me much…
Is it a big deal for webflow to include more advanced options in the rich text editor in the collection panel?

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