Will it be possible to import Bootstrap into Webflow any time soon?

Hi. As I work a lot with Bootstrap design, I would be very interested to see if it is / or will be possible to import Bootstrap front-end assets directly into Webflow? I think this would actually enrich Webflow, needless to say, it would create additional possibilities for front-end developers who are already using open source solutions like Bootstrap, or Tailwind CSS.

Hi @tipoit :wave: welcome to the forum.

Highly doubt it. Webflow does what they do, but gives you more control.

But there is a middle ground of help that you can use:

You can think of those as the “bootstrap” or “tailwind” of the Webflow world.

Hope that helps!

Yes you can, it’s just a library include plus a class naming convention.
Here are some examples

@samliew a long-time Webflow heavyweight created a project here as an experiment in this area.

If you’re looking for simple, fast site design with a strict design paradigm, why not?


  • Compound elements like sliders and tabs may require some styling work to make them look similar.
  • Many of the benefits that Bootstrap gives you ( speed, reuse, a consistent class naming model ) can already be done in Webflow once you know how to use it well.

As Chris shared, Finsweet’s client-first naming convention is central to that.


I thought so too, that this can be done as a regular library include in a webflow project, in the end of the day, this is all just CSS. Thank you.

Oh this is good :smiley:. Didn’t even know products like these exist, thanks.