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Width Percentage Resize Bug?

Hello Sirs.

There seems to be a resizing bug in my design. If you take a look at the page “Secondary”, the elements will not reajust correctly if the viewport is between 800 and 891 px,

Am I doing something wrong? Seems to me like this is a bug.

Thank you and congratulations to those who make and promote this amazing tool.

Hello @dboccia,

That is not a bug, it is settings of alignment. So to “S3” settings and make text alignment=center, by default it set up like Left.
It will fix this issue


Hello @sabanna,

Thanks for replying! Although that does center the elements, thereby making the error less noticeable, they are still not resizing correctly.

You can see that the Tabs are grossly misaligned with the Titles underneath them at resolutions 800-980 px.

Curious, why did you design them with Absolute Positioning?

Hey @seank. Which elements are you referring to? I checked the ones I though might refer to this issue, but they have Relative Positioning.

That being said, I must say I’m a designer, not a developer, and I’m still just experimenting and understanding all of these options, so if you have a better solution to anything you see, you’re welcome to educate me on these matters.

@dboccia sorry I mean’t Relative. My apologies

@seank Well, if I understand your question correctly, seeing as I want a the max width for content to be 1000px, these elements can either be set to Auto or Relative Positioning so as to be contained inside the 1000px max width div that they are inside off. I opt for Relative because I then have the option to displace these elements spatially up or down so as to achieve the desired “layered” superposition effect.

That being said, there may be some elements that could be set to Auto, but are leftover Relative from my experimenting.

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