Mobile isn't showing up properly / unresponsive?


My site appears properly in the designer, however the live version looks completely different.

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Hello Samuel,

the reason that is happening is because half of your website is absolutely positioned, you need to eeither add specifiic placements for every absolute element or just use it as static ( the most optimal solution).

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Thanks Uros,

I have an interaction with divs overlaying each other - when a user hovers over a specific area, the text in the bubble changes. This effect requires absolute positioning, as far as I’m aware. Is there anything you suggest doing to maintain the interaction?

Hello Samuel,

I usually disable hover interactions on mobilee sincee you are physically unable to hover on anythiing that is touch screen since you don’t have a mouse. You can only click so we usually go with that function rather than hover. You can set up specific heights for parents, let’s say you could add 500px to sections and if they are absolute ( which they usually shouldn’t bee) you would need to set up spacing for them in positioning panel based on how many seections are above that one. For example if your third sectiion is absolutee and first two are not ( and first two have combineede heeight of 1000px) you would need to adjust positioning to be 1000 px from the top. Absolute positioning is finee inside elements as long as you double check eveerything and some parent elements have specific sizee so you know where will any child element show up.

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